Bundle: Lean Scaleup 2021

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This bundle includes:

- a paperback version of the book

- a PDF version of the book

- one hour airtime (via Zoom) with Frank Mattes.


Companies struggle dramatically in building new businesses from innovation. 85-90 percent of corporate startups die after the "Minimum Viable Product" stage.

Why is this so? What is the solution? How can companies improve?

This book provides the answers.

It is written by Frank Mattes, who has decades of experience in corporate innovation. It has been co-written with more than 20 practitioners and 2 business schools as a practical guide for practitioners – corporate innovation, Digital Innovation, heads of incubators and accelerators, leaders of corporate startups and senior managers.

Clients and early readers say the content is "timely, relevant, powerful and ready for use", "a must-read," and the solution "dramatically increases return on investment in digital innovation."

The corporate business-building problem.

Companies are doing okay in incremental improvements. But they fail in innovation. They are good at copying past success stories but bad at creating new ones.

If companies do not solve this problem, they will burn money. They also

- fail to achieve revenue growth from innovation,

- fail in corporate transformation,

- fail to future-proof their business and

- fail in winning and retaining top talent

The solution and the book.

The book provides a solution. It is the first one on this subject and guides corporate practitioners on how to build new businesses. The book covers the entire journey - from a "meaningful idea" to a sizable business – and it includes leadership and cultural/collaboration aspects needed for success.

The book is the result of a multi-year co-creation process with more than 20 industry-leading com-panies and 2 business schools. It distills Best Practices and insights into one framework.

This framework is the Lean Scaleup™. It describes the three capabilities that companies must develop to solve their business-building problem: methodology (the "how-to"), dual leadership and culture/collaboration.

When the right innovation teams use the Lean Scaleup with the right mindset in a supportive environment, the company can solve its business-building problem.

Advance praise (selection)

Frank Mattes brings his extensive experience in corporate innovation to this pragmatic guide to dramatically increasing return on investment in digital innovation.

Jeroen Tas, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Royal Philips

The Lean Scaleup is an approach built through practice in the field. It supports companies facing transformational challenges.

David Gilmour, co-founder bp Launchpad

Taking innovation concepts to scale is the real challenge. This book provides a practical framework and methodology for going beyond the MVP into scale.

Ofer HaCohen, Head Innovation Center Israel, AT&T

Frank has addressed business-building in many organizations successfully. Finally, his approach is "codified" in this book. I can't recommend it enough to every innovation team keen to deliver results.

Hans Balmaekers, CEO, innov8rs

The Lean Scaleup gives companies a powerful tool to identify, develop and scale breakthrough innovations. A must-read for all managers from corporate innovation or strategic innovation.

Prof. Dr. Georg Oenbrink, CEO, CREAGO Solutions (formerly Evonik industries)

The book provides an excellent framework to address the Scaling-Up challenge. It is based on the real-life learning journey of +20 corporates. A must-read for corporate entrepreneurs and their leaders!

Carina Snijder VP, Research Program Management, Royal Philips

A practical how-to guide to create business impact, combining experience and analyzing leading companies.

Sören Lauinger, VP Innovations & Interfaces, B. Braun Group

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This bundle includes a paperback and PDF version of the book "Lean Scaleup" as well as one hour airtime (via Zoom) with Frank Mattes.

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Bundle: Lean Scaleup 2021

0 ratings
I want this!